GNEW XXX Classes & Descriptions

Great Northeastern War is creeping up on us very quickly. I have tons of sewing that needs to be done for minimum seven people, myself included, but I see very little of it actually happening because my pain has been running between 5-9 constantly for the past 3-4 days. The other thing I need to get done is as much weaving as possible. I sold a lot of my bands at Birka. Actually, Freya at Thor’s Hammer sold a majority of my stock for me. I had enough money to cover the event for us – at least event fee, food and gas, but not hotel costs – had I not bought a loom. Actually, it’s not just any loom, it’s a Pennsic cherry loom (explain more about that later) from Egill’s Woodstuff. If you’re interested in the maker of my loom, check out his work on Etsy at Egill’s Woodstuff He does beautiful work that’s more than worth the money.

I was low on bands after Birka, but then we went to Panteria (first time ever) to help Thor’s Hammer with setup, breakdown, and everything in between. It was a great weekend, great event, great friends, a great tablet weaving class, and I sold out most of the rest of my stock. I came home with two salable bands to my name. I’ve been weaving like crazy since we got home, but that means I’ve not been sewing for GNEW. We might be naked, but I will have stuff to sell.

I’ve also been working on building a physical portfolio, that way I have something on the table for people to look at. That way if they see something they like, but want it in a different color, I have all the info there to make a new one for whoever might want to buy one. I can also bring this to my classes to show what can be done with my level of competency.

Now, this is supposed to be about the classes I’m teaching at GNEW. Last year I struggled with too-long threads and too many people. This year I’m teaching two classes at GNEW, and have learned from my class last year, and my class at Panteria. I signed up to teach a class at Panteria because one person from my GNEW class wanted to learn more. She couldn’t attend the class, but I taught her separately (love you Rowan!), and then had a great tablet weaving discussion with the people in the class. Because of that discussion I will be teaching this class for the first time at GNEW.


History & Concepts of Tablet Weaving

Join me for a discussion about tablet weaving, where it came from, what it’s about, and the basics behind how it works. This is not a hands on, in-depth, tablet weaving class, but you will have a chance to look at a variety of tablet and looms, and possibly even weave a bit to see if it’s something you’re interested in pursuing further. I will be on-site all weekend for anyone who wants further discussion or instruction.

This will requite my white board. I’ve been reading and taking notes for two weeks now, and will be typing up a handout for the class. This won’t be hands on weaving, but a real discussion on what people believe about the history of tablet weaving and what’s really true. I need to pull all my notes together tomorrow night at writing group, pull them into an actual handout that is both comprehensive, but also easy to read and makes sense. I’m having troubles getting all the pictures I need, but I’ll get there. I’ll be posting the handout here on my blog for those who are interested or lost there’s from GNEW. Also a good way to keep track of the handout as my teaching evolves and changes, as I’m sure it will as I learn more. I’m going to bring my tablets and looms with me so I can show off what both look like, and the huge variety that’s out there. I am also going to let people take turns weaving on Walter, if they’re at all interested. It’s one thing to learn about it intellectually, it’s another thing to play with it a bit and see if you have the coordination to actually weave. I’ve seen people who just are not weavers and cannot get the knack for it. That’s okay, but it’s better to know that before you invest too much time and money.

Bring Out Your Looms!

Do you have a (tablet or inkle) loom on hand, but don’t really have a grasp on how to warp and tablet weave on it? Have you just started tablet weaving and need help or questions? Do you want to learn the basics of tablet weaving and want to try your hand at it? I will have a number of looms with me if you’d like to try them out, or I can set you up to weave a short band off-loom (none of that mess of too long threads of the past). I’d like to keep this class small, no more than 5 people actually weaving, but I’m flexible. I will be on-site all weekend for anyone who wants further discussion or instruction.

I’m going with much shorter threads for this class, and am hoping that people will see the listing for this class well ahead of attending GNEW and will do exactly that, bring out their looms! (You get the pop culture reference, right?) Anyway, I’ve put a strict class size on this one, and hope that people will bring their looms to class so that they can actually learn to warp their looms and learn how to tablet weave on them. Fingers crossed that this one goes much better than the class at GNEW last year.