Tablet Weaving – From The Start

Looking back I’m starting to realize that I’ve not been very good at documenting my travels through tablet weaving. I have pictures of only some of the bands I’ve made, and I’ve not kept track of what I’ve sold and what I’ve given away. I’m going to try to organize my bands here by the (close to) order that they were created.

When I first started it was with little blocks, I found that it was easier to learn what the threads were doing as I wove those narrow blocks, such as this brown and yellow crochet cotton band which was one of my first bands, possibly even my second band as my first was purple and white and almost identical to this.


I’ve really enjoyed working with the little cubes and have done a number of bands through the three (or is it four) years I’ve been weaving.

Such as this green and purple woven out of a linen/cotton blend.

2014-08-28 18.32.56

And this lilac and brown woven out of bamboo.

2014-07-24 21.37.48

I also love this pink and lime green with darker green stripe and edgings out of crochet cotton.

Lime & Rose Checks, with Dark Green Edging

This last band I used as straps for a felted wool (sweater) bag that I carry at events.

While weaving this type of band is easy, one of the easiest, it can help teach a new weaver how the threads work and how tablet weaving comes together.


Stepping Things Up!

I’ve been extremely slack with my blog, but as I’m stepping things up with both my tablet weaving, and my tablet weaving classes, it’s time I step things up here. I’ve done a lot of weaving, but none of the pics have been posted. I need to get some of them up here so that I can show people what I’ve been doing, and what I have available for purchase.

For now I’m going to show the two most recent bands woven on my trusty loom, Loomer. They are both woven out of bamboo in mushroom and nutmeg, for a cinnamon brown linen tunic I’m making for Stacy (hopefully for GNEW).

This first one was a simple 4X4 what I stretched to being a 5X5 to make the pattern more interesting. I’ll be using this around the bottom of his tunic. It measures 98″.

2015-06-30 18.04.38

The next couple pics are double-face weaving that will go around the cuffs of his tunic. It is 88″ long. Yes, that says Aloysious, his SCAdian name.

2015-06-30 18.05.25

2015-06-30 18.07.51

These next pieces of band are also double-face woven, and will be around the neckline. The diamonds will come down around the neck. The blank bit will be where I fold it into a point before running it back up the other side of the neckline.

2015-06-30 18.06.32

2015-06-30 18.06.16

I know it seems like a lot of medieval bling for one tunic, but I will be teaching a couple of Beginner Tablet Weaving classes at GNEW, and I’d love to have something to show off to the people taking the classes.

Hopefully within the next week I will be able to get up pictures of Stacy in his tunic with the bands attached. Fingers crossed. Keep checking back as I’m going to work hard to get something posted here at least once a week, showing what I’ve been weaving each week.

Mallaidh of Huntley

EDIT: Five hours after the original post and –
– I’ve eaten supper, did an hour of actual work (like stuff for my boss).
– Ironed five yards of brown linen.
– Cut out a T tunic from one Stacy already has.
– Sewed the side seams, cuffs and hem.
– Attached the wide diamond trim around the bottom – by machine.

Yes, all of that is done! So, tomorrow all I have to do is attach the Aloysious arm bands and connected diamonds neck band. Fingers crossed that I can bet the rest attached as I’m doing that by hand.

Going Strapless

I know I’m going to be doing a lot of backtracking, because there’s a year of weaving, a year of growth, that I want to look at and have a record of, but right now I’m so excited about a project I’m working on that I just have to get it out!

About two weeks ago Sam, the youngest of my children, picked out a dress for me. Normally I don’t wear strapless dresses as I have quite a rack, and at 41, it’s not where it was when I was 21! But Sam has a fantastic eye for clothes, for other people, sadly she can barely dress herself on a good day, and she just turned 11, is in the 6th grade. But put her in a store, and she can find the best pieces of clothing for the most amazing prices. I’ll admit that I can be quite cheap, so when she found this dress at Target for all of $7.48, and it was so me (other than being strapless), I was all up in that. Add in that I hadn’t even thought about what I was going to be wearing to Stacy’s (the boyfriend) convention dinner coming up the end of the month, and I was sold.

2014-10-22 20.09.01

So I have this dress, but it’s strapless, so what’s the next step? Putting straps on it, of course. But, with my loom, why bother trying to find something to make the straps out of, when I can make the straps myself? Of course the pink/lilac color in the dress is just odd enough that the closest match I could find was DMC floss.

2014-10-22 20.09.12

I learned that DMC floss stretches in a strange way, and doesn’t bounce back, at all. I tried a couple of ideas, but in the end, none of the borders worked, so I went with the original design I planned without thrills.

2014-10-22 20.10.31

I love the band I wove, but it’s not really wide enough to cover my bra straps, so I wove another band, and I’m trying out ways to make the straps work while showing off how interesting they are.

2014-10-22 20.12.09

While I haven’t put it all together, I will have to do it soon as I’ll be wearing it less than 48 hours from now! I’ll post pictures to show how it all came out.



I wanted to start here by explaining why I’m starting this blog, and what I hope to accomplish with it.

I’ve been involved with the SCA for over twelve years, and while it’s a huge part of my life, it’s not all I do. Because of that, I’ve forgotten things I’ve done over the years, don’t recall patterns and garb I’ve made (sometimes that’s a good thing), and I’m not sure which alcoholic drinks I really did like. Because of all this I’m going to try to keep track of some of these things here – mostly how things are made, the research that goes into it, and why it’s medieval, or anachronistic.

Back in the day I went to college for fashion design, but I have to admit that I’ve lost most of what I learned due to being quite ill for the better part of three years. Okay, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease when I was seven, but 2009-2011 were specifically horrific. So I’m piecing things back together, re-teaching myself how to build clothing the right way, and learning as much as possible about to make medieval garb the way it was made originally. I will fully admit that I have a bad habit of mixing areas and time periods when making my garb, but I’ll get into that more when I explain my persona.

The summer of 2013, I learned about tablet weaving. I’d seen the finish product being sold by merchants, but I’d never seen a loom in action. I met the Little Loom Girl, and ended up buying a loom over the Labor Day 2013 weekend at Harper’s Retreat in Stonemarche, and I’ve been going crazy on it since. I did have to take some time off through the following winter due to Gamer’s Thumb that I got from too much weaving and too much typing. Now I have it in both hands, and possibly more nerve damage, but I’m fighting through it, a little pain won’t stop me! They might call it Gamer’s Thumb and Carpal Tunnel, but I think they’ve been around a lot longer, and our ancestors dealt with the pain and just worked through it.

One last thing before I sign off, I’m also an archer. It took me a long time to get it, and I’m about to put (what I hope are) the final touches on my crossbow to make it so it works. Fingers crossed that this is the last tweak I need to do to get it working. I’ll be writing about how the crossbow came about, and all I went through to get it.

I’m heading to Harvest Moon Shoot and Tyger & Bucket tomorrow at Hebron Pines Campground. I’ll be writing all about it soon. Please, I hope you enjoy this adventure of the SCA with me.