6 Hole Threaded In Tablet Weaving!

I purchased a tablet weaving book that had been on my short list since I started weaving. (Tablet Weaving Magic: Patterns from Oriental Countries and 25 Patterns in Plain Tablet Weave) I was making an Amazon order and added it on a whim. As it was from out of the country it took well over a month to get here, so I’d almost forgotten that I was expecting it in the mail. When it appeared I was so thrilled with the double face patterns that I was in awe looking through the book. So much greatness, and when I found that at the end there were a bunch of threaded-in patterns back there, and a number of them were for six holed cards.

Now, I have had some very thin six holed cards for almost a year, but hadn’t really seen any patterns or anything that made me feel the need to use them. The patterns in the back of this book did just that! I got the cards (which are basically quilters template paper that Aloysius [mundanely known as Stacy] used the paper drill to make holes in for me, so they’re barely thicker than printer paper, not as thick as oak tag) out and warped Loomer according to how I thought this author was referring to S and Z. For the first time in a long time, I was right. (Can’t say the same about the band I just warped on Walter, which I had to flip completely on the loom, and the most recent band on Betty).

I took Loomer to Crown Tourney (Nov. 2016) but forgot the book with the pattern. I knew I was supposed to turn about 13 times, but I wasn’t sure it was 13 times, and my hands were quite frozen, so I really didn’t do more than a couple turns that day. But when I got home and warmed up, I went to town and learned just how much fun it was to develop a longer pattern in a simple full pack turn pattern. I think it was thirteen turns in each direction, and the pattern jumped right out and proved that six holed cards are a great thing. I’m so excited to try other six-hole patterns, and then start designing my own. Now I have to figure out how to create threaded-in patterns in GTT!

I had been worried that because the band is six threads thick, compared to the four thread thickness of bands made with four-holed cards, but this band came off soft as butter, and very pliable.


EDIT: This band went to Birka with me and while it garnered a lot of attention, it didn’t end up being sold but rather traded for 12 yards of a beautiful plaid silk. I’ll share a picture of the silk the next time I pull out fabric for garb making. Honestly, I’m very happy with the trade, and while I have no idea what to make with the plaid, I have a serious need to make another band of the same pattern, if not the same colors.


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