3/1 Twill of Doom!

Yes, DOOM!

I feel as though each new tablet weaving technique I want to learn causes me more angst than it should, but each time I venture into something new, that angst is back. I felt it when I tried anything beyond 4X4, including this specific pattern that’s in both the orange book and Fox Noses, which requires both forward and back turning with each row. It was the bane of my weaving existence even until just recently, but I’ve gotten over that mental hurdle and it’s working for me. (I’ll address this in another posting.) I went through it, in a big way, with double-faced tablet weaving, but I got past it as well – and rather quickly. (This is another posting, but not this one.) But I’ve been able to, through work, get past the issues I’ve had with those techniques.

3/1 Broken Twill is scary! Not just mildly scary, but really, really scary! First thing I did was to buy what I call ‘The Big Floppy Book’ but in reality, it’s Claudia Wollny’s Die Fabelhafte Welt der brettchengewebten Stola und Manipel zu St. Donat, Arlon. Now, I knew the book had great patterns, I didn’t realize until I got the book that it was a technique that I hadn’t even heard of until that point. So I drooled over the book for a year, but it didn’t teach the technique. Further, all the patterns in the book were really wide, and I was not finding anything online that made sense and taught me how to learn this technique. So I found out that John Mularkey’s Double Face DVD is actually a two DVD set, and the second DVD has 3/1. Woohoo! Then Claudia came out with another book, Der Lilienhain. This book has very narrow patterns and really inspired me to jump in and go at 3/1.

I sat down with Mularky’s DVD, Claudia’s Der Lilienhain, Walter (one of my looms) warped and ready, and my beloved Stacy sitting beside me. It took a lot of jumping back and forth between the book, the DVD, what was on my loom, and telling Stacy that while I know he’s trying to be helpful, he’s telling me the exact opposite of what I really need to do. I know he’s trying to be helpful, but when I’m frustrated, it’s hard being told how to weave by someone who’s never done it. It’s the engineer in him.

Anyway, I have played with 3/1 a bit, and each time I try again, even the next day, I have to start all over again. So, my plan is to warp Loomer (my favorite loom) with very contrasting brights and really get on it this week. The plan is to take it to Crown Tourney and show the basics to my weaving circle. We don’t get to gather often, but when we do, we try to better our weaving and help each other in any way we can. I’m hoping to be able to inspire them with the basics and show them that while it’s complicated, it’s a crackable nut. We are all on different levels and enjoy different aspects of tablet weaving, so it’s great to help each other in any way possible.

I will write more and show pictures as I learn and conquer 3/1 Broken Twill!


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