GNEW Classes

GNEW, otherwise known as Great Northeastern War, is creeping up on us again this year. At GNEW last year I taught my first tablet weaving class. I was horribly afraid, so I taught two preliminary classes for friends, just to make sure I knew what I was doing. Turns out that my preliminary class went much better than the class at GNEW. I learned a lot from that class, mostly what not to do. If I’m going to do a hands-on class, it needs to be much smaller than that first one.

Since then I’ve taught a couple other classes, mostly one-on-one, one of those with a friend I met at that first class at GNEW.

At Panteria, my first Panteria, I was asked to teach a class by that friend I made at that first GNEW class. Well, she couldn’t stay for the actual class, but our one-on-one was great. The actual class inspired me to change the way I teach tablet weaving in the future. That class at Panteria was a great discussion with two people who knew nothing about tablet weaving, one who started on his own and only got a few inches along, and one who has woven a couple bands and is onto brocade tablet weaving, something I’ve not yet tackled.

After that discussion at Panteria, and the book I was reading after the lights went out at Panteria, I’m thinking I’d like to teach a history and basics of tablet weaving, a very small weaving class, and possibly a double-face tablet weaving class.



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