Tablet Weaving – From The Start

Looking back I’m starting to realize that I’ve not been very good at documenting my travels through tablet weaving. I have pictures of only some of the bands I’ve made, and I’ve not kept track of what I’ve sold and what I’ve given away. I’m going to try to organize my bands here by the (close to) order that they were created.

When I first started it was with little blocks, I found that it was easier to learn what the threads were doing as I wove those narrow blocks, such as this brown and yellow crochet cotton band which was one of my first bands, possibly even my second band as my first was purple and white and almost identical to this.


I’ve really enjoyed working with the little cubes and have done a number of bands through the three (or is it four) years I’ve been weaving.

Such as this green and purple woven out of a linen/cotton blend.

2014-08-28 18.32.56

And this lilac and brown woven out of bamboo.

2014-07-24 21.37.48

I also love this pink and lime green with darker green stripe and edgings out of crochet cotton.

Lime & Rose Checks, with Dark Green Edging

This last band I used as straps for a felted wool (sweater) bag that I carry at events.

While weaving this type of band is easy, one of the easiest, it can help teach a new weaver how the threads work and how tablet weaving comes together.


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