Griet’s History In Knitting

When I was 11 we moved to Maine. I started school in OOB before we were in our house (another funny story for yet another time), so we lived in a tiny hotel cabin much further down the way from school. Much longer walk, but shorter than where we moved from, and no straight uphill […]

The Muppet Hat – Part 1

I spent so many years avoiding knitting needles for a variety of reasons, one of the biggest being that I was told for many years that knitting isn’t period (and my first knitting experience was horrible and hysterical, but that’s a story for another day). Well, we all now know that’s bunk now. I still […]

Basic History of Tablet Weaving

This is my original handout for my Basic History of Tablet Weaving class. I will be updating this handout in coming months, making it more comprehensive. I really loved teaching this class and with everything returning to some semblance of normal, I hope to teach it again, but more in-depth. History & Concepts of Tablet […]

Epic Fail Or Massive Learning Experiment?

I wove this band using tablet weaving technique in wool and hemp yarn that I spun. Materials: White merino single – warp Orange long wool single – warp Yellow blended wool single – warp White hemp single – weft Procedure: I wove this band using the tablet weaving technique, as it is physically easier for […]

The Flat Cap

Please, be warned, some of the pics in this might make those young and young at heart teehee a bit. You have been warned. I decided I needed a flat cap for court. Of course it needed to be pink, and I knew I didn’t have enough of the bubblegum pink yarn, so I used […]

Blue Suede Sandals

I have a long history with shoes. I’ve always struggled with what’s on my feet due to having Charcot Marie Tooth Syndrome which is a form of muscular dystrophy. I should have been diagnosed when I first started walking, shouldn’t have had the first to sets of surgery I had on my ankles, and I […]

In Devotione Pulchritudo Vivat

My friend Audrye is an apprentice and a protege.  Her laurel told her that she would be taking a student for herself, so she needed a belt.  That’s where I came in.  She needed a blue belt with an ermine on each end.  I’ve never played with brocade, but I had been playing with single-color […]

Projects In Progress January 2020

To hold myself accountable I’m going to try to post a monthly list of what I’m working on.  This is as much for myself as to keep my lovely laurel Mickel, my households Knotty Snake and the yet unnamed fibers household I’m building, and those who are so kindly helping me as I learn and […]

Tips And Tricks Of Tablet Weaving With Wool And Acrylic

I know many people who absolutely will not weave with wool or acrylic because of how sticky it can be.  Personally, I love weaving with wool as it gives such an earthy period look, especially when woven in period patterns and techniques, but also great for modern looks.  The look can be simple or complex, […]